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What to practice before coming to couple therapy

It’s not your job to understand me – it’s mine. Byron Katie

If you want to feel sad, believe your thoughts. Intimacy is the mind understanding itself. Practice that thought with the help of these three video sessions by Byron Katie.

Here’s the first video about feeling heartbroken. Her partner gave up on her. “I want him to understand me, I want him to see me,” she says.

In the second video, this man explores the grievances he feels about being lied to. “He won’t admit he is wrong to my face,” he says. How do you react when you think that thought? Who would you be without that thought?

Going off the rails with your love life? Here’s the third Byron Katie session. This time: “she projects her anger onto me. She won’t stop drinking and doing drugs. She won’t stop blaming me, won’t stop thinking she’s right etc.. I want her to wake up,” she says.

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