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Trauma fiction – “The Dream Life Of Debris”

Twelve-year-old Paul loves to walk the train tracks of suburban Adelaide. One day as he’s walking with his faithful Jack Russell, he witnesses something he doesn’t understand. He buries the memory deep in his subconscious, choosing instead to dwell on dreams.

As an adult, his memory comes rushing back and Paul has to confront the demons of his past, as he relives memories of how the principal of his school took special care of him, loving him in a way that his distant father never had. But that love turned out to be far more sinister.

Can Paul reveal these memories to the investigative team? Can he expose his wounds to his wife and fix their marriage? Will remembering the secrets heal him?

My novel is intended to expose the insidious nature of pedophile grooming and it’s life long impact. I wrote it both from my experience as a trauma therapist over the last 40 years, and as a survivor/witness of historic child sex abuse. I gave my testimony at two public hearings of the Child Abuse Royal Commission, one in Hobart and the other in Sydney.

Here is a podcast about the book and the life experience from which I wrote it: Podcast link

Here are four Australian links to purchase the novel. If in another country, please go to your own country’s vendor page and purchase it there.

Kindle: Dream Life Of Debris

Apple: Dream Life Of Debris

Kobo: Dream Life Of Debris

Google Play: Dream Life Of Debris

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