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  • Why people in life partnerships live longer

    What I want to tell you about five myths concerning marriage that are common and to tell you why they’re all wrong. First I’ll just run through the myths and then I’ll demolish them. This is a follow up article on my blog post Will […]

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  • Partner abuse by either gender

    Quoted directly and in full from Independent Living Resource Centre for Thunder Bay and the Northwestern Ontario Region, Canada. Characteristics of Abusers If the person you love or live with does these things, it’s time to get help: • Keeps track of what you are […]

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  • Will divorce will make it better?

    Unhappy marriages are less common than unhappy spouses Divorce didn’t typically: reduce symptoms of depression raise self-esteem increase a sense of mastery This was true even after controlling for race, age, gender & income. Even unhappy spouses who had divorced & remarried were no happier […]

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  • Mercy sex

    I found this tragic, funny, painful and true Q&A from a blog titled Emily’s Post dated August 26th 2006 and quote it in full minus the comments section. I recommend you read another post from Emily about the conversation with her husband about their mercy […]

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  • Why is it so difficult to change relationship habits?

    This video link to “The Backwards Brain Bicycle” will take you to a demonstration of how stuck our brain patterns can become after years of doing the same thing. It uses the analogy of riding a bike. If you have ever sincerely tried to change […]

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  • Relationship success part 2 – fate?

    There may be only three types of people: those that make it happen, those that watch it happen and those that say ‘what happenned’. Successful people tend to get it early in their lives. Some have excellent gut feelings based on unconscious competencies and their […]

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