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  • Narcissistic PD part 14 – on line resources

    Diagnosis I have put this section last because I think there are bigger issues than diagnosis – those of character, morality, community and other pre-requisites of a human life. Some readers call me and ask for confirmation of a diagnosis of their partner whom I […]

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  • Narcissistic PD part 13 – characteristics

    Quick guide to characteristics of person struggling with narcissism Here is a list of some likely behaviours of a narcissistic parent, from ‘Children of the Self Absorbed: A Grownup’s Guide to Getting over Narcissistic Parents’ (2001) by Nina Brown retrieved from The book by […]

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  • Narcissistic PD part 12 – parenting

    Question: After 10 years of pain and frustration, I’ve come to learn that my husband suffers from NPD. I’ve decided not to leave him in the short-term because our children are quite young and sharing custody with him feels akin to sending them off with […]

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  • Narcissistic PD part 11 – intimacy

    Description of narcissism in an intimate relationship Retrieved from angel 26/10/05 If you get a chill up or down your spine while reading these and thinking of your boss, partner or parent – your body knows! Having had that confronting experience some of my […]

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  • Narcissistic PD part 10 – consumerism

    Feel-good consumer wants are narcissistic ‘needs’ They are fundamental to national economic health and ultimately to the loss of habitat. They are elevated to magisterial levels by the therapy/personal development/litigation industry looking after your inner child’s ‘truth’, developing your health and happiness and protecting your […]

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  • Narcissistic PD part 9 – psychopathy

    Psychopaths make confident, sometimes charming and always twisted villains, for example: Eric Theodore Cartman; Dorian Grey; Captain Hook; the Wicked Witch of the West and Gilderoy Lockhart. Some of these villains are eerie psychopaths like Hannibal Lecter and the computer from A Space Odyssey, HAL. […]

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  • Narcissistic PD part 8 – entitlement

    Those with NPD have a noxious self-esteem – taking the glory no matter what another’s contribution to a shared task. This tends to reduce the other’s willingness to stay open and engaged until there is some recognition that this theft has occurred. After a contrite […]

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  • Narcissistic PD part 7 – inner life

    Without empathy no relationship can fill the poverty of a narcissist’s inner life. Without reciprocity intimacy perishes. I believe the truth of these observation are self-evident. Neither can offspring to whom they are profoundly disrespectful, fill that void. A sense of security derives from being […]

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  • Narcissistic PD part 6 – empathy

    Empathy is the key to intimacy and to power sharing in relationship Empathy is most likely disabled to varying degrees in those with severe personality disorders. The loose screw is in the limbic system of the brain, but that doesn’t make NPD a disease or […]

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  • Narcissistic PD part 5 – case study

    Question: ‘Hi Peter. I sent emails to two Clinical Psychologists and received very prompt replies in my search for my NPD friend. They both state they have treated NPD clients with one stating that it is not his specialist area. I have done quite a […]

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  • Borderline PD part 6 – online resources

    Nietzsche observed that a society ruled by priests needed sin, because sin is the “handle” and grip for power. Szasz indicated a similar function of mental disorders in the psychiatric industry. In my experience, people identifying with BPD are NOT untreatable, difficult patients rather they […]

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  • Narcissistic PD part 2 – balance

    Balancing self interest with concern for others The struggle to find that balance, to lose it, find it and lose it again is normal and healthy. Confusion about where I end and you begin is a boundary problem of response-ability. Where the boundary resides with […]

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