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  • Readiness – one leans in, the other leans out

    Most couples who seek help have taken between five and seven years to get there. The usual difficulty is that one person feels overwhelmed by the issues and withdraws when it comes up. The other person feels overwhelmed by the issues and pursues them when […]

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  • Will divorce will make it better?

    Unhappy marriages are less common than unhappy spouses Divorce didn’t typically: reduce symptoms of depression raise self-esteem increase a sense of mastery This was true even after controlling for race, age, gender & income. Even unhappy spouses who had divorced & remarried were no happier […]

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  • Emotional Safety – pre-condition for successful couple therapy

    Emotional Safety: A Cornerstone For Healing by Linda Marks. I retrieved this article and quoted in full from on 15.09.15 “While multitudes of theories and techniques to facilitate healing abound, in nearly fifteen years of clinical practice I have found one element to be […]

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  • Fair fighting part 7 – talk, laugh and play

    Forgotten how to talk, laugh and play? When Betty is upset with Allan, she heads for the mall. Then they regroup and go on as if nothing’s happened. Never in forty-five years of marriage have they sat down to have a ‘dialogue’ about their relationship. […]

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  • Fair fighting part 2

    Principles of fair fight, constructive arguments

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  • Stay married

    A relationship is a dance – and the rhythms and habitual steps of the dance have their own momentum – can take over. In emotion focussed couple therapy we look at the dance you are caught in and how it leaves you both hurting and […]

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  • Rules for a happy marriage

    The pre-requisite of a close, happy relationship is responding well to our partner even when they disappoint us. Responding well calls on friendship, mindfulness and clear boundaries. These are the inner and outer workings of love. It is a myth that lasting love is easy, […]

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