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  • Road blocks to intimacy

    In a road block or core impasse, both partners are guarding their vulnerabilities, and acting and reacting from their survival positions. This is what makes the impasse so heated, confusing, and intense. Road blocks or impasses at the core of an intimate relationship bring couples […]

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  • Family business-owning couples 4

    DEAL BREAKER Number 2 – Intimate competition In their early 30’s Kerry and Pat fired each other up at the beginning of their wine business. As the enterprise grew their natural competitiveness spurred them on to more innovative and more efficient solutions. It worked for […]

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  • Family business couples 3

    DEAL BREAKER Number 1 – Disengagement In Brené Brown’s book “Daring Greatly: How The Courage To Be Vulnerable Transforms The Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead” on page 51 she writes about trust and betrayal in a simple and refreshing way. She compares it […]

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  • Why people in life partnerships live longer

    What I want to tell you about five myths concerning marriage that are common and to tell you why they’re all wrong. First I’ll just run through the myths and then I’ll demolish them. This is a follow up article on my blog post Will […]

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  • Will divorce will make it better?

    Unhappy marriages are less common than unhappy spouses Divorce didn’t typically: reduce symptoms of depression raise self-esteem increase a sense of mastery This was true even after controlling for race, age, gender & income. Even unhappy spouses who had divorced & remarried were no happier […]

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  • Family business-owning couples 2

    WORK-LOVE BOUNDARIES Because copreneurs derive satisfaction for both work and love needs from the same person, the potential distress they face in the grey zone between home and work is greater than that of dual career couples. As a consequence of the multiple roles and […]

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  • Family business-owning couples 1

    Nearly half of my clients have been family business-owning couples. They range from one paid employee to around a hundred. From a couple who mortgaged their own and their parents’ houses in a startup venture with a unique product that paid off; to those entering […]

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  • Emotional Safety – pre-condition for successful couple therapy

    Emotional Safety: A Cornerstone For Healing by Linda Marks. I retrieved this article and quoted in full from on 15.09.15 “While multitudes of theories and techniques to facilitate healing abound, in nearly fifteen years of clinical practice I have found one element to be […]

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  • Four common misunderstandings

    Problem 1 Misunderstanding the difference between a feeling and an emotion, may be the cause of fundamental errors in thinking about love and happiness. Ideas such as I want to feel love and feel loved are very different when discussed with the understanding that love […]

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  • Relationship turning points part 2

    In intimate relationships, what distinguishes the survivors from the doomed are the former’s long goodbyes and hellos’. Gottman Turning points tend to crystallize in relationships in 6 to 8 year cycles, yet relationships are built and undone one conversation at a time. Coming home from […]

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  • Relationship turning points part 1

    Turning points in intimate relationships ‘My partner and I were happy for twenty years. Then we met.’ That’s a turning point, a watershed, an awakening. When everything is turned upside down. Characteristically, there is no way around this spot, only through it. For many couples […]

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  • Fair fighting part 8 – seventeen ground rules

    Seventeen ground rules for constructive fighting I retrieved this excellent list from an unlikely source: a blog by Tatsumi girl, self described as an OmniSexual Polyamourous Switch involved in several long-term relationships at

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