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  • Re-build rapport and trust

    Steps to rebuilding trust may be the same as starting a new relationship. Even in long term committed relationships, partners can become strangers to each other. More so when there has been a breach of trust. It can be awkward to start again. What should […]

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  • Failure to disclose at outset of relationship

    When do you tell your new partner relationally significant history – at the outset or wait until the right time. The latter usually post dates the disclosure to a time when the partner may feel they entered the relationship under false pretences. That is, had […]

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  • Sarah Kay “If I should have a daughter …”

    Art as non-ownable nourishment Sarah Kay is perhaps one of the few poets making a living with her work. Here is a link to her performance of the poem in the subject line. She follows it with a talk about poetry, that is utterly inspiring […]

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  • The push-pull relationship

    There is an excellent article on Huffington Post about this pattern. Here is an excerpt. The pulling away typically happens when the relationship seems to be going exceptionally well — usually right after that interim of deep and meaningful connection. This occurs because the intimacy […]

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  • Emotional Safety – pre-condition for successful couple therapy

    Emotional Safety: A Cornerstone For Healing by Linda Marks. I retrieved this article and quoted in full from on 15.09.15 “While multitudes of theories and techniques to facilitate healing abound, in nearly fifteen years of clinical practice I have found one element to be […]

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