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  • Mercy sex

    I found this tragic, funny, painful and true Q&A from a blog titled Emily’s Post dated August 26th 2006 and quote it in full minus the comments section. I recommend you read another post from Emily about the conversation with her husband about their mercy […]

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  • Relationship success part 4 – agency

    The most decisive moment in history is the identification of ‘self’ as opposed to ‘Nature’. At this point people become responsible for their own fate and they become afraid. The ‘fear of freedom’ begins at the point of recognizing one’s own responsibility for one’s own […]

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  • Relationship success part 3 – diversity & plasticity

    Nature’s method for success Nature’s habit and her measure of success is diversity. Diversity is difference. Humans are rarely comforted by difference, yet they crave it. Even identical twins are not identical (different fingerprints too) and no two siblings can ever grow up in the […]

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