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  • Individual therapy sessions

    I am interested in how we relate to our internal experiences. It is like a matrix of family relationships inside ourselves. Sometimes it could be likened to a couple: a top dog and an underdog; a part that criticizes us and a part that shuts […]

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  • Women shaming men

    I was not prepared (she writes) to hear over and over from men how the women – the mothers, sister, girlfriends, wives – in their lives are constantly criticising them for not being open and vulnerable and intimate. This subject is a constant in my […]

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  • Sarah Kay “If I should have a daughter …”

    Art as non-ownable nourishment Sarah Kay is perhaps one of the few poets making a living with her work. Here is a link to her performance of the poem in the subject line. She follows it with a talk about poetry, that is utterly inspiring […]

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  • Four common misunderstandings

    Problem 1 Misunderstanding the difference between a feeling and an emotion, may be the cause of fundamental errors in thinking about love and happiness. Ideas such as I want to feel love and feel loved are very different when discussed with the understanding that love […]

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  • Relationship success part 3 – diversity & plasticity

    Nature’s method for success Nature’s habit and her measure of success is diversity. Diversity is difference. Humans are rarely comforted by difference, yet they crave it. Even identical twins are not identical (different fingerprints too) and no two siblings can ever grow up in the […]

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  • Compassion fatigue

    Bearing witness to loss or trauma We shield our heart with an armour woven out of very old habits of pushing away pain and grasping at pleasure. When we begin to breathe in (our) pain instead of pushing it away, we begin to open our […]

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