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  • Sex and aging

    Look Peter the basic problem is the old guys are losing their oomph and they need a younger woman’s sex drive to even get it up. They got bored in their first and second marriage and leave when something risky and hot comes along. You […]

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  • Why is it so difficult to change relationship habits?

    This video link to “The Backwards Brain Bicycle” will take you to a demonstration of how stuck our brain patterns can become after years of doing the same thing. It uses the analogy of riding a bike. If you have ever sincerely tried to change […]

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  • Relationship turning points part 2

    In intimate relationships, what distinguishes the survivors from the doomed are the former’s long goodbyes and hellos’. Gottman Turning points tend to crystallize in relationships in 6 to 8 year cycles, yet relationships are built and undone one conversation at a time. Coming home from […]

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  • Relationship turning points part 1

    Turning points in intimate relationships ‘My partner and I were happy for twenty years. Then we met.’ That’s a turning point, a watershed, an awakening. When everything is turned upside down. Characteristically, there is no way around this spot, only through it. For many couples […]

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  • Relationship success part 3 – diversity & plasticity

    Nature’s method for success Nature’s habit and her measure of success is diversity. Diversity is difference. Humans are rarely comforted by difference, yet they crave it. Even identical twins are not identical (different fingerprints too) and no two siblings can ever grow up in the […]

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