Couple therapy marathon – customized for two

If your relationship is in trouble…

A couple therapy marathon can make a big shift – it may be life-changing and transformative. It’s an opportunity for a couple intent on healing to deeply clear unresolved issues – to unblock and to build new ways of relating without the fog of everyday life intruding.

Make the commitment to heal

hinterlandEach marathon program is unique, customized to best fit a couple who are mutually intent on repair. It is typically three sessions per day for one or two days. The non-residential marathon is held in a beautiful and relaxed environment in Mullumbimby. My colleague Tamar Ben-Hur brings her approach to the process, and together we provide a safe place to let go of day-to-day concerns and focus on transforming your relationship.

Read below for more information about the couple marathons, and please feel free to contact me.

Do we need a marathon?

The need for a marathon will be obvious to a couple whose weekly or fortnightly couple therapy sessions always end just as they are about to get somewhere, and then life intervenes. Or maybe where the issues are so long-standing, complicated and interwoven that there is never enough time to unwind them as a whole, in one piece and lay them to rest. Sometimes one partner has done something completely out of character or another has lost contact with the core of their being. On site here is a case study of a retreat couple.

Many couples are at breaking point when they come to a marathon. Some are already living apart. Some have begun divorce proceedings. They say this is their last chance to mend and renew a good long term relationship. I would prefer it were not that late in the day but that is the way we are. We just go on adjusting, turning ourselves inside out, until there is no alternative but to commit a serious block of time to an overhaul.

Others come as part of a healing time dedicated to each other – sometimes before or after an addition or loss to the family or an impending major life change.

Rarely, new couples come as part of their engagement or honeymoon process. That to me is the wisest time, as prevention is much less costly than repair.

What is the program?

Initially: Sometimes it is necessary to have an online video or phone interview with Peter and Tamar for us a to connect and understand where you are coming from and what you want from a marathon.

The Marathon: A one or two day non-residential program. Both days consist of three integrative couple therapy and coaching sessions in Mullumbimby. For some couples taking a weekend break between weekday sessions may enable deeper integration of the process. But that is not always so.

Post-marathon follow up: Face-to-face, online or phone sessions as required.

What does it cost?

Each 90 minute session with both Peter and Tamar costs $330. Some couples need less time than that and some need more. As far as is possible they are flexible with those arrangements.

The couple therapy marathon does not include transport, meals or accommodation, but nearby Byron Bay is an internationally renowned holiday destination providing vacation, recreation and cuisine alternatives to suit all tastes and budgets. The Northern Rivers NSW region is famously interesting and diverse, and many couples take the opportunity to extend their stay and deepen their connection in this vibrant area. If you are a visitor to the area accommodation, food and transport on a budget is around $1750 per week in the Byron Bay area. Accommodation and restaurants are also available in Mullumbimby, Bangalow and Brunswick Heads.

Divorce can add 10 years to the working lives of adults, as they battle to re-establish the wealth they had in married life. The majority of happily married adults expect to retire in their mid to late 60s, while divorcees expect to work well past 75. Why pay divorce lawyers to hurt you when you can pay someone to help you?


Yes. We request a $500 deposit 3 weeks before the marathon is due to begin. We will refund $250 if you cancel 7 business days before the first day of the intensive.

Where can we stay?

The Byron Bay Northern Rivers NSW area is abundantly supplied with beautiful places to stay, ranging from camping to self-contained cottages and five star boutique hotels.

How do we get there?

The Byron Bay area is very accessible by road or air. Brisbane, the closest capital city, is a one and a half hour drive away and the nearest airports are a half hour drive to either Gold Coast Coolangatta (international) or Byron/Ballina (domestic).