Couple retreat intensives – customized for two

Some couples are at breaking point when they come to an intensive. A relationship intensive is a week-long process for a couple mutually intent on healing - working with head, heart and guts, and without too many theory-based preconceptions.


If your relationship is in trouble…

A couple therapy intensive can make a big shift – it may be life-changing and transformative. It’s an opportunity for a couple intent on healing to deeply clear unresolved issues – to unblock and to build new ways of relating without the fog of everyday life intruding.

Make the commitment to heal

hinterlandEach intensive program is unique, customized to best fit a couple who are mutually intent on repair. It is typically three hours of sessions per day for up to five weekdays, preferably with a weekend break in the middle. The non-residential retreat intensive is held in a beautiful and relaxed environment in Mullumbimby. My colleague Tamar Ben-Hur brings her wisdom to the process, and together we provide a space to let go of day-to-day concerns and focus on transforming your relationship.

Read below for more information about the couple retreat intensives and please feel free to contact me or Tamar.

Do we need an intensive?
What is the program?
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Where can we stay?
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