How couple therapy can help

The challenging part of couple’s therapy is accepting that you will need to improve your responses when your partner disappoints you.

The number one myth about relationships is that talking about it helps. More often than not it makes things worse. When couples feel connected, men want to talk more and women need to talk less.

A session is time to feel, speak and think freely and clearly, to sense truly and reach for all that is best in you and in your life. A session is both playful and earnest; light hearted and at times poignant; confronting and revealing. I aim for you to be clear, tender and strong in your relationships.

I make an emotionally safe place for feeling into what you already know; for robust problem solving, working with head, heart and guts, and without too many theory based pre-conceptions. A space where obstacles are understood and choices for moving forward made clear.

Having said that you should know that couple’s therapy is sometimes like assembling an airplane in flight – stressful, volatile and potentially explosive.

In the drop down menus & sub menus in Resources above (Relationships, How to mend & How to end) are maps of the landscape of repairing couple trouble, with tips and tricks for getting there. They have helped many relationships re-attune to the process of repair. The ideas are well tried to the extent that many couples have dug there way out of a hell hole just by reading and dedicating themselves to follow the advice therein. This is also good preparations for couple therapy sessions.