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Do some men not want to grow up?

I put this question to a friend the other night who I met myself on OKCupid and who is four years my senior. His response smacked me right upside the head.

“Well, in my experience, women don’t tend to be as enthusiastic about sex once they reach a certain age. My ex-wife went off me after she had the kids. So I guess, in the back of my mind, I’d message women younger than myself hoping that their interest in sex would keep pace with my own.”

“Yeah, OK,” I said. “But would you seriously date a woman in her twenties?”

“Well, no. Not date one. But have sex with one? Maybe.” Karin Jones writing in the erotic review magazine

Research on OKCupid users reveal that at age 48, men are nearly twice as sought-after as women.

The median 30 year-old man spends as much time messaging teenage girls as he does women his own age. When a women turns 20 she decides it’s okay to message significantly older men. At 29, a woman becomes even more open to older men and, in addition, stops writing the youngest ones. The typical 28 year-old women sends a small but significant number of messages to men too young to drink. The typical 29 year-old sends practically none. Women have more pursuers than men until age 26, but thereafter a man can expect many more potential dates than a woman of the same age. At age 48, men are nearly twice as sought-after as women. OKCupid Research

What OKCupid’s cornucopia of self-analysis data shows is that, while older women on the site generally send messages to men around their own age, older men overwhelmingly message women much younger than themselves. Yep. Not only that, but after age forty, the number of women using OKCupid overtakes the number of men using it, so the pool of suitable suitors is not only smaller for these women, but their similar aged counterparts appear averse to dating them. erotic review magazine

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