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  • Narcissism part 1 – self-care

    The primary message of Thomas Aquinas is love the other as oneself, but by being settled within oneself, by delighting in oneself. Julia Kristeva Two extremes of self-care We all have to be a bit narcissistic in order to know and to meet our own […]

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  • Borderline PD part 5 – internal triggers

    Internal symptoms of dehydration and of low carbon dioxide in the blood stream (from over breathing) may act as internal triggers for catastrophic fears and emotions. Some describe this as claustrophobia; or a feeling of unreality; tingling or numbness, or of starving for oxygen. Even […]

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  • Borderline PD part 4 – external triggers

    External triggers There are external triggers (e.g. painful rejection, repetition of a traumatic event, job loss) and internal triggers (e.g. impending illness, symbolic rejection or something symbolic of a past trauma). Each can take on a life of its own and can set up a […]

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  • Borderline PD part 3 – breathing

    Over breathing Many breathe enough for 3 people, resulting in over exhaling CO2. Normal breathing sufficient for the body at rest is through the nose (not the mouth) at around 8 to 12 breaths per minute of about 500 mls of air per breath. At […]

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  • Borderline PD part 2 – inflammation

    ‘Inflamed’ could describe someone on fire. Many years ago one of my clients who identified as BPD became a serial arsonist. She had set fire to the apartments of two men she dated after they rejected her. Inflammation is also a physical condition associated with […]

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  • Borderline PD part 1 of 6 – introduction

    I prefer to think of BPD as a dyslymbic brain function rather than a personality disorder. Psychiatry has another view. According to the DSM-IV, approximately 75% of people diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder are female. According to Marsha Linehan a history of sexual abuse is […]

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