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  • Lucy & Bart 3

    FLOODING This fictional couple have been struggling with self-limiting interactions for about six years. Mostly they have a great time with each other. Have similar senses of humour and share most of their leisure activities. Apart from his choice of franchise, they share many core […]

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  • Lucy & Bart 2

    THE CAVALRY ARRIVES Lucy and Bart’s capacity to know and feel their experience in the moment is at an embryonic stage of development. This is true of all humanity. We place all sorts of interruptions in the way of experiencing what is happening inside ourselves. […]

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  • Lucy & Bart 1

    DINNER – HARSH STARTUP WITH A DRIZZLE OF CONTEMPT Lucy and Bart live in a beautiful home in the heights of a small coastal town. Best house in the best street says Lucy. Bart is from Brisbane, where his extended family reside. He is a […]

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