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  • The 24/42 relationship

    Usually this age difference is an older man with a younger woman or man. I have chosen this gap as a title because a couple with this difference are at least one generation apart. I have worked with a number of clients whose parents were […]

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  • Insidious impact on victim of infidelity (financial, sexual, emotional)

    A pivotal article about the impact of big lies in a relationship, this one from The New York Times. Here’s an excerpt. They were people who had suddenly discovered that their life, as they knew it, was based on a long-term falsehood. They were people […]

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  • Individual therapy or couple therapy?

    Intimate conversations out-sourced to an individual counsellor can be experienced as infidelity by the excluded partner. The absent partner may be misrepresented and the counsellor may get triangulated Question: ‘My partner of 4 years has been seeing a psychotherapist for the last 8 months and […]

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  • Smart women with cheating husbands

    Why do smart women stay with cheating husbands?

    Smart of course has to be defined, but one thing we know from research is that rejection drops a person’s IQ by about 25% and increases their hostility. Intimate betrayal is a profound rejection that continues beyond the discovery of the affair into the core […]

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