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    DEAL BREAKER Number 2 – Intimate competition In their early 30’s Kerry and Pat fired each other up at the beginning of their wine business. As the enterprise grew their natural competitiveness spurred them on to more innovative and more efficient solutions. It worked for […]

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    DEAL BREAKER Number 1 – Disengagement In Brené Brown’s book “Daring Greatly: How The Courage To Be Vulnerable Transforms The Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead” on page 51 she writes about trust and betrayal in a simple and refreshing way. She compares it […]

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    WORK-LOVE BOUNDARIES Because copreneurs derive satisfaction for both work and love needs from the same person, the potential distress they face in the grey zone between home and work is greater than that of dual career couples. As a consequence of the multiple roles and […]

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    Nearly half of my clients have been family business-owning couples. They range from one paid employee to around a hundred. From a couple who mortgaged their own and their parents’ houses in a startup venture with a unique product that paid off; to those entering […]

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