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Q. "How long does it take to end an affair? A. Between one phone call and 25+ years. Infidelity is most likely to occur in the first three years of marriage or in the last year of the marriage. Infidelity can be emotional, sexual and/or financial. In my experience...

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Goals for couple therapy

Goals for couple therapy

Please start the new year with a resolution to repair whatever remains unresolved from the last two years of weirdness. I like this article from psych central for an understanding of what couple therapy offers. These goals for example, Deepen knowledge and...

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Exits from intimacy

1. Why do we "perforate" our relationships with Exits? 2. What are some of the ways we use to avoid each other? 3. What can we do to gradually change this dynamic in our relationship? One definition of an Exit is "any behavior that acts out a feeling, rather than...

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Couple coaching vs. therapy

Coaches ask questions to help one or both partners in a relationship to improve something – for example, improving communication, personal growth or helping them respond to needs better. Improvement will be judged on metrics decided on by the stakeholders. Therapy is...

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The care and concern we show our pets and even our plants yet which we deny to ourselves. The three elements to self-compassion are kindness to oneself common humanity and mindfulness Compassion defined: kindness, mercy, tenderness, benevolence, understanding,...

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Dishes predict harmony

Male-female couples whose housework is shared have less strife, as well as greater relationship satisfaction and sexual intimacy, than those in which the burden falls largely to the woman. Dishwashing is the chore that most influences relationship quality....

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