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Couple coaching vs. therapy

Coaches ask questions to help one or both partners in a relationship to improve something – for example, improving communication, personal growth or helping them respond to needs better. Improvement will be judged on metrics decided on by the stakeholders. Therapy is...

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The care and concern we show our pets and even our plants yet which we deny to ourselves. The three elements to self-compassion are kindness to oneself common humanity and mindfulness Compassion defined: kindness, mercy, tenderness, benevolence, understanding,...

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Dishes predict harmony

Male-female couples whose housework is shared have less strife, as well as greater relationship satisfaction and sexual intimacy, than those in which the burden falls largely to the woman. Dishwashing is the chore that most influences relationship quality....

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Passive aggression course on-line

The first time I realized I wasn’t a perfect girlfriend was when my boyfriend and I were just months into dating. I was mad at him for asking if we could stay in when we’d made plans to go out. It wasn’t the first time he had bailed like this. Rather than telling him...

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Relationship repair part 10 of 10

This is an edited extract of a longer article, which can be found here 10. Think effort not outcome. There is that inspirational saying that you see in the hallways of businesses: Good decision come from experience and experience comes from making bad decisions....

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How we think leads how we feel

© 2018 Nick WignallTheme by Anders Norén How Our Stories Make Us Miserable: 10 Types of Negative Self-Talk (and How to Correct Them) July 27, 2018 • In Emotional Fitness Cognitive Distortions and Negative Self-Talk When people ask me what I do, I respond with, “I’m a...

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Relationship repair part 9 of 10

This is an edited extract of a longer article, which can be found here 9. Think you. In case you haven’t noticed, all these suggestions involve you, not the other guy. The stance that most couples enter counseling with is: "I have a problem with you and as soon as you...

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