About Peter Fox

Peter Fox – Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist

Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
Master of Science MICEEFT

I didn’t get the essence of couple’s work until I was in my mid 40’s after 20 years experience. I am now 70+ and I work better at it each year.

My primary intention in working with a couple is building and maintaining emotional safety. It is fundamental to any healing venture. It is crucial for a couple carrying traumatic injuries from the distant past or of more recent origin. And for couples who are going through a difficult period of diminished respect for each other.

I am adept at working slowly, carefully and intuitively with couples where both partners have had traumatic experiences in the recent or distant past. Sometimes they have previously sought help to no avail, and are at the point of giving up. Sometimes they want to set the best course for their future family.

Personally, I am a humanist of Jewish and Scottish descent. I survived a childhood of mixed blessings – my mother died giving birth to me, and was orphaned and then fostered. Then aged 8, I was sent from England to Australia to be with my biological father, a guy I had never met. There were many challenges and something close to miracles. I survived and thrived. I went on to a first marriage of 25 years with three kids, oldest now 44. I am in my second marriage of twenty-seven years. We have one child and live on a small farm in the Northern Rivers.

I love and am proud of who I have become – forged, as it were, by circumstance and the kindness of strangers. At times I struggle to breathe but an inherent, outgoing and uncalculating generosity is a birth given compass point. I always knew I was lucky to be alive. I feel daily a profound gratitude for this life, and the precious loves I am blessed to be with.

Professionally, the model I most identify with is Process Work. The one I practice is Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT-C). I enjoy being with a wide range of couples. From those in their first years together, creating and maintaining deeply satisfying ways of responding to each other. To those navigating pathways to health carrying a complex mix of seemingly intractable problems they have struggled with over many years.

My me coaching and mentoring site may interest you.
My visual art site will show you a bit more about me: http://onehandbasketweaving.blogspot.com.au/

Peter Fox Couple Therapist BSc MSc MICEEFT